Welcome to the exciting Career of Glass Blowing!

For those who don't know Glass Blowing is the process of creating objects using molten glass.Glass Blower In Action!

Many People are unaware that many glass items are the product of glassblowers who work tirelessly in forges to produce beautiful works of art. It has been used since ancients which can be traced back to ancient Sumerian city States who used the sandstone in their rivers to help created glass vases for their nobility. Since then glassblowing has been at the for front of civilized culture. Glassblowers or sometimes Glass Smiths being used to create beautiful works of art usually for a rich benefactor. However during the 20th century glass blowing was usually generated by machines as work became more modernized and Glassblowing eventually faded in the background. In recent times especially in the 1990's and 2000's glassblowing has began to have a renaissance. Many glassblowers using their skills to create pieces that are bought by collectors and museums such as LACMA and the Smithsonian.

Here's an example of a glassblower at work: